Equipment List

Your Personal Equipment

This is a complete list of items that Scouts and their crew will need to prepare for prior to a Philmont summer trek. You may find specific details about items on the Philmont packing list in the Guidebook To Adventure. If you have any questions regarding any items on the equipment list, please contact Philmont’s Tooth of Time Traders at 575-376-2281 or You will need 1-2 synthetic insulating layers. All must fit comfortably over each other so they can be worn in combination. It is imperative to layer your clothing, combing different garments to achieve protection from the elements and optimum insulation. Synthetic or wool layers are recommended as they insulate when wet. Avoid cotton, as it does not insulate when wet. Printer-Friendly Equipment Lists


Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments

Backpack – rental available


internal frame 75L +/- 4600 cu inches external frame 65L +/- 3966 cu inches

Summit/Daypack 1 side hikes
Lashing Straps 1 pr holds sleeping bag on pack
Gal. Ziploc Bags 6-12 pack clothes
Pack Cover 1 waterproof
Small Stuff Sacks 2-3 pack/organize personal items
Ditty Bags 2-3 pack/organize personal items


Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Wool or fleece hat 1 warm hat for cold temps
Glove liners or mittens 1 pr synthetic wool Consider work gloves for service project
Baseball cap or wide brim hat 1 sun protection of ears, face


Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Base Layer (mid-wgt) synthetic 1 long underwear bottom
Middle Layer (fleece pullover) 1 opt – wool sweater
Top Layer (synthetic jacket) 1 wool or polar fleece ok
Rain Jacket 1 sturdy, waterproof jacket w/hood, cated nylon and breathable fabrics acceptable.
Shirt – Short Sleeve 2 moisture wicking no cotton or nylon
Shirt – Long Sleeve 1 moisture wicking no cotton or nylon
Sports Bra 2 synthetic


Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Base Layer (mid-wgt) synthetic 1 long underwear top
Rain Pants 1 lightweight & sturdy
Long Pants 1 no heavy jeans Required to do a Service Project
Underwear 3
Hiking Shorts 2

Sleeping Gear

Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Sleeping Bag 1 rated 20 degrees and less than 5 lbs/packing in compression sack lined w/plastic bag
Waterproof Stuff Sack 1 or 2 heavy duty 4-6 mil plastic bags
Sleeping Pad 1 closed-cell foam or fully inflatable pad
Sleep Clothes 1 se worn only in sleeping bag t-shirt $ gym shorts acceptable


Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Boots 1 pr well broken in
Socks 3 pr synthetic or wool
Liner Socks 3 pr synthetic
Camp Shoes 1 pr lightweight sneakers


Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Bowl 1 deep bowl of lightweight material
Mug/Cup 1 measuring style recommended 12-20 oz
Spoon/Spork 1 Lexan or lightweight-sporks are popular
Water Bottle/1 qt 4 or more qty reduced if also using hydration bladder in pack
Pocket Knife 1 small knife sufficient
Matches/Lighter 1 pack in waterproof container/lighting camp stove
Flashlight/Headlamp 1 durable/lightweight-bring extra batteries
Trekking Poles w/rubber tips 1 pr recued impact – 25% – knees $ ankles, improve balance
Philmont Map 1 sectionals are available for your itinerary overall
Compass 1
Bandana/tubular headgear 2 bandanas or headgear also known as Buffs work well/many brands on the market
Money $50 ATM in Base
Lip Balm 1 moisturizing balm 2/SPF 25 or greater
Soap 1 biodegradable
Toothbrush 1 trial size
Toothpaste 1
Camp Towel 1 small, quick dry
Tampon/Pads 1
Personal Medication 1 enough for entire trek
Sunglasses 1
Watch 1
Camera 1 batteries/memory card
Whistle 1
Fishing Equipment 1 some itineraries have opportunity to fish
Fishing License 1 some itineraries have opportunity to fish-NM State fishing license required
Postcards 1+ pre-stamped
Foot Powder 1
Notepad & Pen 1


Necessary Items For Each Crew (7-12 Persons) To Bring Or Purchase On Arrival.

Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Sewing Kit 1
Tent Stakes 5 per person
Water Container 2.5 gal 2-3 collapsible
Backpacking stove 2-3
Fuel Bottle/ 1 qt 2
Fuel Funnel 1
First Aid Kit
Duct Tape 1 for trail repair
Spices for cooking
Waterproof Ground Cloth 1/ten 6′ x 8′
Nylon Cord 3 50 ft x 1/8′
Suncreen 2-3 6 oz tubes w/SPF 25 or higher
Insect Repellent 2 small bottle, no aerosol spray cans
Water Purifiers/Filters 2-3 optional
Multi-Tool 1
Trowel/Shovel 1
Carabiner 1 Carabiner must be rated climbing strength for rigging “oops” bag 2/bear bags


Each Crew of 7-12 Persons is Issued The Following Equipment Free of Charge (Expect for Damage or Replacement Charges Upon Return)

Equipment Qty PSR Comments T157 Comments
Nylon Dining Fly 1 12′ x 10′, wt 2 lbs, 3 oz
Collapsible Poles 2 for dining fly, wt 1.45 lb
Philmont Tent with poles 1 per 2 camper weight with poles: 5 lbs, 13 oz
Cooking P 1 8 qt w/lid, 2 lbs
Dishwashing-2nd Cooking P 1 8 qt (1lb, 4 oz) 6 qt (1lb, 9 oz) 4 qt (10 oz) size dependent on crew size
Beverage P 1 2 qt w/lid, 8 oz (optional)
Chef Cutlery Ki 1 1 lg spoon, 1 lg spatula 4 oz
Hot Pot Tongs 1 pr 4 oz
Plastic Trash Bags 10
Salt Pepper
Water Purifier Tablets, Micropur 1 tablet treats 1 liter
Nylon Rope 100 x 1/4″ 2 Weight 2 1/2 lbs
Bear Bags 3-6 for hanging smellables 2 lbs, 4 oz
Plastic Strainer & Rubber Scraper 1 ea 4 oz
Toilet Paper Resupplied